Theia is a next-generation security robot that performs in-depth psychoanalysis to cover the blind spots of a regular security camera.

With the use of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), Theia is able to psychoanalyze your brain in a non-invasive way and identify what someone approaching your setting is feeling. For example, people are nervous and anxious before they commit a crime, so our camera picks up on the activity in the periaqueductal gray in the midbrain and notifies the owner however they want it to (call, text, alarm, etc.). The owner of Theia can also buy different cameras based on the sensitivity of the psychoanalysis. For example, at an airport, Theia has to be able to do more in-depth analysis compared to a at a diner. Theia can also protect itself in case anyone attempts to disable it. If an individual tries to tamper with it, Theia will send a mild discouraging shock to the perpetrator and immediately notify the owner, locking its own system down and possibly the building it is in (as programmed by the owner). Also, if an individual tries to hack it, Theia’s system will cut all external communication immediately, restore itself to a recently-saved system image, and notify the owner.

Published on Netlify and on its own domain.