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Hi. I'm a highschool student with a passion for computer science. From childhood, I've loved everything techy, and I want to develop a career in software engineering. I enjoy applying my knowledge for the good of others, to which end I participate in a local web-development endeavour for a city-powered organization, offer development services to local businesses, and teach coding through school clubs. On my own time, I build apps, which can be seen in my portfolio below. I'll continue to add my new ventures as I go.

Programming Tutorials
Web Design

Amador Valley High

AV student? Awesome! You might need something to help you with the daily stuff though – Q, Attendance Line, Website, etc. Available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Vocabulaire for AP French

Need a simple, lightweight vocabulary hub for all your AP® French prep? Here you are! Available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


Ready for college? Probably not – it’s hard to choose, isn’t it? Don’t worry, UniChoice is here to help! Available on the Google Play Store.

Driving Log

On a permit? Need to keep track of driving practice? Say hello to Driving Log! Available on the Google Play Store.

Clean Start for Hygiene

Women’s toiletries are essential, but unfortunately many don’t have the resources to obtain them. That’s where CSH comes in: run by a group of teens, CSH aims to collect as many donations as possible to help women in need, by providing them the essentials as...

Ham Lyrics

Love Hamilton? Want to listen to it all day long? Want to sing along whenever you wish? Well, now you can! Available on the Google Play Store.

P-Town Life

Live in Pleasanton, CA? Looking for youth resources? P-Town Life is the only city-powered organization you need for all sorts of things!

Count the Cars!

A simple yet fun boredom buster for kids on road trips. Helps parents keep their sanity. Available on the Google Play Store.

KicksUSA Taekwondo

Into Martial Arts? Wanna learn around Pleasanton? Try KicksUSA! Website powered by Slashtag 2k.


More than your average homework calendar. Available on the Google Play Store.

Android for Beginners

A beginner-level course for people interested in Android programming. Available on Udemy.